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April 25th, 2009

My name is Jeff, I’m 27 years old and I work as a network manager for a local community college. My loves are my wonderful wife Christy, my Lotus Elise (well pretty much any car that goes fast and has 2 doors), my 2 italian greyhounds, video games, and of course beer.

I’ve always enjoyed the exotic and hard to find beers and even have a collection of the strangest and hardest to find beers I’ve drank. I grew up in a Czech family so beer was always abundant. I remember barbequeing in the backyard with my father and sharing a Shiner Premium (my first taste of beer) when I was probably no more than 10. Now I’m sure to some this sounds like a case of horrible parenting, but it was never done to excess and it was more about father son bonding and the sharing of culture than some redneck dad getting his son all boozed up. See in Czech culture it’s not uncommon to see children at weddings filling their cups straight from the keg (which I’ve witnessed first hand on multiple occasions). Since Shiner Premium was the first beer I ever had, it is special to me and brings back many good memories. I really don’t have a regular beer that I always drink, cause I do like variety, but you can always be sure there is at least 1 Shiner beer of some type in my fridge.

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