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EKU 28

April 13th, 2009

EKU 28

EKU 28 is a German brew, and that’s about all I can tell you about it’s origin. Everything on the bottle is in German. I could not be lazy and look it up but, eh. What is in English however is quite disturbing. It was given a 4 star rating and called a “World Classic” by Michael Jackson. I can only hope that it isn’t the Michael Jackson I’m thinking of.

Right off you notice this is a very thick beer with an unusual orange tinge to it that forms a mild head when poured. It has a very dense heavy smell of fruits and hops. The first drink almost took my breath away. The alcohol content is so high this beer is more akin to wine than beer. It is definitely more of a sipping beer. It has a heavy, thick, sweet taste almost like a sherry or port wine. With all that alcohol content there is a slight bit of bitterness but it’s very mild and goes quite well to balance out the overall flavor. You get a warming sensation through your body when drinking it which is obviously due to the 11% alcohol content. This is by far the most alcoholic beer I’ve ever had.

I was anxious to try this beer just due to the alcohol content. It is not a beer you’d have two of in the same sitting and is aimed as a dessert beer to be enjoyed after a meal or in the winter evenings. You could easily sub this beer for a glass of wine, or hell, split it with a friend, it’s that potent. It’s a little too sweet for my taste but I can see what they were going for and they have succeeded. This is a very unique beer and I’m sure I will not run across another like it for a very long time. On a side note, I hope this isn’t the beer Michael Jackson was using to get little boys drunk. Wait, did I say that?

Rating: 4

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4 Star, Beer Reviews

  1. Roger Davis
    December 1st, 2009 at 10:35 | #1

    This is a beer that will challenge your taste buds. When I was stationed in Germany back in the 80s I enjoyed trying out the beers in each community I visited. The first time I came across this one was after night out drinking and dancing when we decided to stop in at an after hours place and I asked for a dark beer. At first the bartender told me they didn’t have dark beer and I was like you have got to be joking right, this is Germany, everyone has dark beer. Eventually he said we do but it is expensive. I told me I didn’t care, I had been drinking dark beer all night and I wasn’t going to switch now.
    So he hands me bottle of EKU 28 and I check it out and read the back label and at that time in printed in english said “World’s Strongest Beer”! Needless to say I spent the next 2 hours trying to drink that beer managing to only finish half of it before calling it a night.
    After coming back home, I managed to find a place that sold a 6 pack of them so grabbed a pack to show off to my friend. I never did get past drinking more than half a beer and my friend actually finished one but cut it with a Michelob in order to finish it and he is full blooded German who loves beer.
    Regarding the review, I don’t get the sweet aroma and fruity bit, but I totally agree with the viscous and syrupy and I will throw in strongly bitter. Definitely a beer to try once so you can experience the extremes in beer drinking.

  1. May 31st, 2009 at 20:35 | #1