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EKU Pils

EKU Pils

Since my last review was a total loss I decided to make this week a two-for.  EKU Pils is a German beer from the same brewery that makes the  EKU 28 I’ve reviewed in the past.  EKU 28 got a good rating so I’m hoping this beer will follow the trend.

Pils is bright yellow with very little head when poured, and a subdued hoppy, malted aroma.  There is a tinge of sweetness to go with it’s dry flavor and a little bitterness to round it all out.  It’s very clean and doesn’t linger in your mouth and none of the flavors really over power the other.  It’s very balanced and neutral.  You could almost say it’s a refreshing beer, but it’s a little too heavy.  The alcohol content isn’t listed, but I’m sure it’s 5.5 – 6%.

EKU Pils is billed as everyday drinking beer, and I can see that.  It has depth to the taste, but is not so heavy that you need a nap after-wards.  It’s hard for a beer to be complex and easy drinking at the same time, but this seems to fit the bill fairly well.  The bitterness is the drawback for me here.  While it is a good beer, I can’t really bring myself to say I “like” it.  Yes, it’s fine, but probably not something I’d buy again.  For EKU beers, I’ll stick with the 28.

Rating: 3

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3 Star, Beer Reviews

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