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Fisherman’s IPA

June 16th, 2009

Fisherman's IPA

I know I said I was going to try and lay off the nautical reference beers but this is the last one of the Beer of the Month beers so I had to get it out of the way.  Fisherman’s IPA is brewed by the Cape Anne Brewing Company of Massachusetts.

Fisherman’s IPA has a nice, even amber color, with a very fruity almost sweetness to the scent.  You pick up very easily on the blackberries and cherries used in the brew.  There is a consistent, but mild head that follows you all the way down the glass as you drink.  The most important part, the taste, is where this beer is totally lacking.  There is a sweetness and a good complexity to the taste with all the malted hops and fruits, but the bitterness is so heavy it takes away from the real taste.  That annoying bitterness lingers long after you’ve taken that first sip.  It gets a little more tolerable the more your taste buds get adjusted to it but it’s still so overpowering you can’t focus on the good parts.  Who cares what the alcohol content is.  You probably can’t finish one anyway.

I don’t think there is a good nautical beer out there.  I know I haven’t found one.  It’s like, once you say something that eludes to water or fish or boats then breweries just associate that with bitterness.  Maybe they’re trying to remind you of the taste of sea water.  Please, if you know of a beer that can redeem all the nautical reference beers I’ve had, I’d love to try it.  For now I think I’m done.  I’ll just drink the sea water.

Rating: 1

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