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Harpoon Hibernian

Harpoon Hibernian

Harpoon Hibernian is an Irish style red ale brewed by the Harpoon Brewery in Massachusetts.  I’m not sure what’s been up with all the nautical beers lately but I assure you it’s not on purpose.

Right off the bat you can see this isn’t a very red beer as the bottle would suggest.  It has a tint of red but is mostly leaning to the brown side of the amber gamut.  There is a nice frothy head that forms when poured and has, what I can only describe as, a hop explosion of floral fragrance.  This heavy hoppyness is probably what gives the beer it’s heavy thick texture and overall bitterness.  Hibernian is sweet and spicy with woody tones typically seen more in darker beers.  There is, however, a lingering aftertaste of bitterness that seems to stay on the palette long after you’ve put the beer down.  Alcohol content is 5.4% which is pretty standard.

I have to say this beer fails to excite me in any way.  Yes there is a complex flavor but it’s overpowered by the bitterness.  It’s not a face contorting bitterness but still too much.  Don’t get me wrong there needs to be bitterness to this beer.  The multitude of flavors needs that slight bitterness to balance it all out.  The emphasis on that sentence being “slight.”

Rating: 2

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2 Star, Beer Reviews

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