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Julius Echter Hefe-Weiss-Dunkel

June 23rd, 2009

Julius Echter Hefe-Weiss-Dunkel

Julius Echter Hefe-Weiss-Dunkel (from here on known as JE) is a German brew from the Wurzburger Hofbrau brewery.  I selected this beer due to the unusual Hefeweiss/Dunkel mix.

JE is a large beer weighing in at one pint 9 ounces.  When poured JE reveales a nice even color and activity level with a thick, fluffy, white cloud sitting atop.  The darker color is unlike most Hefeweiss beers, but the wheat brew cloudiness is still in tact.  There is the familiar smell of most wheat beers with it’s light floral aroma.  For the level of activity and large amount of head, it’s surprising that this beer has so little tingle on your tongue.  It’s more characteristic of the Dunkel in that aspect, but the flavor is a blend of both.  It’s sweet and refreshing like a Hefeweiss but robust in flavor like a Dunkel.  There is little to no bitterness and a light aftertaste to let you know what you’ve been drinking.  I couldn’t find the alcohol content but it’s probably a mid range 5.5 – 6%.

I have a hard time believing that this beer was all brewed at the same time.  It’s such a mix I’d almost say Wurzburger Hofbrau brewed a Dunkel and a Hefeweiss then just poured half of each one into this bottle.  Usually your wheat beers are lighter in color and more suited to the summer months, with their bright floral notes and clean refreshing taste, and your Dunkels more to the winter months, with their heavy smokey flavors and generally higher alcohol content.  This, however, is both.  It fits the bill of both a Dunkel and a Hefeweiss to the letter.  I’m sure some people will really love this beer, and I encourage you to try it, but it has too much of an identity crisis for me.

Rating: 3

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3 Star, Beer Reviews

  1. Lori Jarvis
    February 10th, 2010 at 20:00 | #1

    My boyfriend served in the Army in Germany some time ago and loves this beer! I would love to find some for him for his birthday but cannot locate it ANYWHERE!!! Where could I get some for him??? It would mean so much to him! THanks!!!

  2. admin
    May 11th, 2010 at 18:07 | #2

    I found this beer at http://specsonline.com . They are a Texas company but may ship to you.

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