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Pietra is my second beer from France.  Pietra is brewed by Brasserie Pietra in Corsica France.  So far my impressions of French beer haven’t been that great but you can’t judge an entire nation’s offerings from just one brew.

Pietra has a nice fluffy cloud on top when poured and tends to stay throughout and a beautiful, very active, golden color.  There is a great mix of floral hops and nuts to the scent.  The overall presentation in sight and smell are very good.  Unfortunately the taste is overly bitter.  You can’t really taste the chestnuts that were used in the brewing process due to the over bitterness.  The taste is smooth, even and dry, but it’s just too masked by the bitterness.  The bitterness just lingers on and on.  The alcohol content is 6%, so just about right for an amber beer.

The bitterness seems to be the great downfall of a lot of potentially good beers and this one falls under that catagory.  I can tell there is a great beer under all the bitter, but I just can’t find it.  It’s a shame really,  the initial presentation is great and really makes you want to enjoy this beer, but the taste just takes it all away.  Strike two for the French.

Rating: 2

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2 Star, Beer Reviews

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