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Teton Ale

Teton Ale

Teton Ale is brewed by the Grand Teton Brewing Company in Idaho.  Yes, I know the Grand Tetons are in Wyoming but the location of this brewery is basically within walking distance from Wyoming and the Grand Tetons, so all is forgiven.

You may have noticed the picture is just a glass full of head.  While I’d like to say this is because of some sort of jarring to the bottle, that is not the case.  I literally poured only the neck of the beer into the glass and got what you see.  After 15 minutes the head finally subsided but the beer was totally flat, so I decided to drink straight from the bottle.  This should have been an easy task but the exact same thing happens when you pour it into your mouth.  I had to spit out the first drink cause I almost exploded beer foam all over my desk.  I can’t really review this beer since I can’t swallow any of it.  But what I had in my mouth was just total bitter.  Basically like a nice big foaming gulp of sea water.  Who cares about the alcohol content.  You can’t drink it.

This is by far the worst beer I’ve ever had.  It’s so bad I think it might be a joke beer just to fuck with your friends.  If you could finish one, and believe me you wouldn’t be able to, I think it would make you sick.  This beer is so bad I can’t even give it a one star rating.  It is far and away a new level of shittiness.

Rating: No rating this week, cause I don’t really know if this is beer.

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